Like many small businesses artists have lost their markets due to Covid19. Art fairs have been cancelled, large groups put on hold for now, the marketplace may never return, at least for many months.

At least in its past form, the way we have been selling our art, it’s gone for now. We’re all in shock but keeping healthy is our paramount concern and working at home in our studio continues.

Personally moving our business online is challenging. The world is our oyster with the internet. Yet the whole country is figuring out their own health and financial situation. And maybe have not discovered where their favorite artists are hanging out these days.

If you miss going to art fairs, we do too! We miss the exposure of our work to lots of interested art lovers. Now being at an art show might give us the worst kind of exposure-to the Covid19 virus.

So where we are right now…posting work on social media and various online marketplaces.
If you look forward to visiting us in a booth, we won’t be there! But we’re still where we always are-in Micanopy making art and hoping it brings some pleasure into your home.

Color, size, design highlight all our pieces to brighten and bring a piece of happiness from us to you. We hope you will think of us in the coming months when you think about shopping for art. Things may be changing but the enduring impact of an art piece in your home will never fade or diminish its appeal-no matter the external circumstances.

For the rest of 2020 be healthy, take care and enjoy our new offerings along with the older pieces exhibited on our online gallery. To a better future!