Revised Exhibit Schedule

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic many of our outdoor festivals, fairs, and exhibits have been cancelled. We have listed the events we are scheduled for that are tentatively still open. Since the instructions for attending large events are not available at this time, we hope you can visit us in the future. Alternatively enjoy the new items we are posting on the pages of our website, on social media and other special marketplaces for artists. Artists have lost their primary venue for selling and hope their (our) patrons will continue to support us through these marketplaces. To your good health!

These shows are all tentative at this time. We do not know if large events will be allowed. Will travel between states be permissable as artists are used to doing? We don’t know and states are just using their most optimistic models to even project that these events can take place.

March,April,May,Most June are all cancelled.

Tentative June 27-28 Grand Haven Art Festival Downtown Grand Haven on Washington Ave Grand Haven MI

Cancelled July 2-5 Boston Mills Artfest Boston Mills Ski Resort Peninsula Ohio

Tentative July 11-12 Krasl Artfair on the Bluff St Joseph MI

Tentative July 16-19 Ann Arbor Summer Artfair State St Ann Arbor MI

Contact us for updates!