Expressive Fine Art

Our pieces are painted with dyes, inks and metallics. Using many different tools including brushes, dryers, sponges and air guns, the art is then vapor printed onto the aluminum panels with heat and pressure. This provides a lasting surface for outdoor as well as indoor placements. Here are some ideas for showcasing our abstract designs.

  • Spaces next to windows or doors
  • On columns
  • By front door
  • On kitchen walls
  • Bathrooms too
  • Bedroom walls
  • Over a bed
  • Over a dresser
  • Over a TV
  • Next to TV on each side
  • On soffit
  • Outdoor patio

Where you want color expression is size specific. So our sizes give you choice to decide where you want your art to accent.

Our sizes are:

Singles:  24″ x30″    20″ x 60″    24″ x 60″   40″ x 60″

Triples:  40″ x 96″   49″ x 100″    60″ x 82


 Aquaman 40"x60" vapor print on aluminum