We’re just finishing our September tour in Michigan and New York. And want to thank our new art patrons who found our art for the first time. Welcome to Vitrene! If you purchased our art we would love a photo of its placement in your home. It helps others view how the art enhances the environment. And lets us see how you incorporated it in your home.

As we talked to many individuals who inquired at our booth the main question being considered is size. Other considerations delaying their purchase are:

  1. Our house is being built and we aren’t ready to purchase yet.
  2. We are getting ready to move into our new home in a few months and are looking to purchase art then.
  3. We are looking for art when we winter in the South.
  4. Not sure of the size. I will go measure and get back with you.
  5. Love the pieces and need to think about which one.

I love getting feedback from those who want to purchase art. It helps form our plan how to market to you and get the art to you when you want it.

Most of the art fairs we attend are not local. So you don’t have a chance to see our art in our studio or a local gallery or shop. That’s why our website is so vital to help you when you are ready to purchase. Right now our website is in the process of uploading many new pieces. So be sure to come back for new additions.

In Florida we do attend many art fairs all winter/spring so there’s a good chance you will meet up with us then. We want to be ready for you with the best selection of our art!

For us the process of making our art is rather complex and involves many steps affected by supply chains, like shipping our raw metal frames to make the custom frames for each piece. Also there is much experimentation in using the inks and metallics. My vision is to make the most harmonious, beautiful piece with flow, magic, and visual aesthetic. That requires much patience on my part. When the best piece is finished I know I have done the best work then. 

Our current schedule for the rest of the Autumn season is posted on New Exhibit Schedule page. One addition has been added: Las Olas Art Fair in Ft Lauderdale. The well attended Las Olas Art Fair is always a popular destination in that area. We’re excited to return to South East Florida as we have been away from that area for many months. We invite you to visit us if you can, for the Florida residents and other visitors coming into the state for the season or winter times.

If you are ready to purchase art and especially if your walls are large, we will be showing exciting works of our art to present to you at these and other art fairs around the state. Art Fairs present the creativity of the human psyche with diverse skills, imagination and proficiency. Looking for art? Come join us this weekend or other dates as listed.